New Delhi, March 5 (IANSlife) A newly published report on physical activity levels of Indians has revealed that 45 per cent of Indian women and 37 per cent of Indian men were ‘inactive’ in 2019, burning less than 50 per cent of their calorie burn budget in a day. Kolkata has turned out to be the least active city.

Compiled by health and fitness app HealthifyMe, a 2019 health report showed that only 42 per cent of men burnt more than four-fifths of their calorie burn budget, while 21 per cent burnt between 50 and 80 per cent of the quota.

When it comes to women, these figures are 33 per cent and 22 per cent. A calorie budget is the number of calories that a person should burn through physical activity, daily.

The data shows that on an average, Indian women burnt markedly lower number of calories than their male counterparts with males having burnt around 33 per cent more calories than females on an average in 2019.

Even when comparing steps, males took 5009 steps per day as compared to females who took 3720 steps on an average per day in 2019.

City wise, Bengaluru has taken the pole position as the fittest city having burnt upwards of 310 calories a day closely followed by Ghaziabad that burnt 304 calories a day.

Kolkata, as per the report, is at the bottom of the list, having burnt just 267 calories per day.

When it comes to the number of steps taken per day, “north Indians outpaced south Indians by taking 4431 steps on an average day, which is slightly higher than 4366 steps taken by South Indians on an average”.

Top unhealthy foods for Delhi remain paranthas, suji rusks, boondi raita, and samosa, while for Mumbai they are samosa, vada pav, paratha, and medu vada.

Bengaluru loves to indulge in vada, masala dosa, ghhee, and puri; Chennai in samosa, vada, biscuits, and puri; and Kolkata in biscuits, white bread, paratha, and samosa.

Popular workouts for the country in 2019 included walking and running. Other top activities included indoor exercises like treadmill, planks, bicycling, push-ups and yoga asanas like Surya Namaskar. Apart from typical workouts, 2019saw many experiments and unique workouts, including towel push-ups, canoeing, rowing, sculling and Pilates.

Weekends were the least active days, it added. Sunday was the fattiest day for most of the Indians. Friday on the other hand was the most active day.

The report said the data was collected through the HealthifyMe app from over 12 million users.

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