5 bike-borne miscreants in Greater Noida rob journalist at gunpoint

Five miscreants in Uttar Pradesh’s Greater Noida (West) district allegedly held the Editor-in-Chief of a well-known news channel at gunpoint and robbed him. The miscreants also threatened to shoot the journalist.

Following this incident late on Saturday night, the law and order situation in Noida has come under severe criticism and to improve it the commissionerate system has been implemented.

This incident took place just 300 metres from a police station.

Journalist Atul Aggarwal narrated the incident on the social media. He said he pleaded with the miscreants for his life for the sake of his young son. As of now no complaint has been lodged with the police in connection with the incident.

The journalist wrote a social media post, saying, “On June 19, 2021 at nearly 1 p.m, I was passing by near Rise Police station at Noida Extension when the music system in my Safari Storme car stopped working, so I stopped my car and took a pen drive comprising my song playlist. I must have been at a distance of nearly 250-300 metres from the police station.”

“Suddenly five boys riding two motorcycles stopped near Noida Extension. One bike was parked in front of my car and the other one on the side of my driving seat door. All the boys were wearing masks. A tall 6’4″ boy first got off the bike and pulled my car’s door with force.”

The journalist said, “The door of my car was locked so they could not open it. The tall boy then hit hard on my car’s window and ordered me to lower it down. When I refused to lower the car window, he took out a pistol. I had no choice left but to obey his orders and opened the door of my car. He threw me down from the car and held me at gunpoint.”

“The miscreants pointed a pistol at me and asked me to hand over my chain, ring, watch, money and mobile phone to them. I gave all my money worth Rs 5000-6000 to the miscreants. I replied that I have allergy from gold which is why I don’t wear chains and rings.”

The journalist further wrote, “My condition was battered and my legs were shivering. I again pleaded for mercy with folded hands to the miscreants to leave me as I have a little son. Then the tall guy got down from my car and grabbed my collar and said in a growling tone that if I acted oversmart then everybody would die. He threw my phone on the car seat and left from there.”

The Noida police said, “A case has come to our notice through social media in which a robbery incident has been told by a senior journalist. He has not informed the police about this incident. Several police teams have been constituted and necessary action is being taken.”