5 friends turn their luxury rides into emergency hospital to supply O2


Five friends in education city Kota have turned their three luxury cars into an ’emergency hospital’ and have been providing oxygen to critical patients in these vehicles.

The idea was conceptualised by Chandesh Guhija (44) who runs a car service centre in Kota after he saw people running around in search of oxygen and medicines. He along with four friends — Ashish Singh, Bharat Samnani, Ravi Kumar and Aashu Kumar — converted three luxury cars into an emergency hospital for those patients who were unable to get beds in oxygen wards.

Chandresh said that presently, they are using three cars and if needed will get more such cars to serve the patients.

While one car is owned by him, another car belongs to his brother and the third car is that of his uncle.

Two cars are serving as ambulances and a gas kit has been installed in all cars. The AC of the car needs to be put on till the time oxygen is being supplied to the patient, Chandresh said adding that the daily expense for this service comes to around Rs 5000-Rs 7000 which includes the cost of the oxygen cylinder for which they all pool in.

One cylinder in the car can provide oxygen to three patients and we were able to arrange 3 oxygen cylinders after standing in queues for hours. Needy people continue calling us, but it’s difficult to cater to each and everyone, they said.

Since the last 10-12 days, we have been supplying oxygen cylinders to patients’ families free of cost. However, it was taking more time and less patients were reached so we turned the cars into oxygen supplying vehicles.

Their modus operandi is different too as they are visiting each household to ensure someone doesn’t die for lack of oxygen. Those wanting the service are put in the car and supplied oxygen. Their vehicles are also helping such patients reach the hospitals. Their ambulance remains parked at the hospital till the patient gets admitted or is attended to by doctors.

They have made their phone numbers available to the public to deliver free of cost service in these tough times.