5 must-have medical devices at home for medical emergencies

The pandemic that seized the world for the last two years has brought about a phenomenal change in the everyday life of people across the globe.

From being outdoors to being locked indoors, Covid-19 reprogrammed the world into accepting a new normal. Health was critical. Work, school, everything went online and people learnt to live entirely within the walls of their home.

Another thing that Covid taught the world in a scary way was to never ever take one’s health lightly. The consequences of being neglectful of one’s health during this pandemic were fatal.

With everyone staying home and not venturing out even for bare necessities (during lockdown), people had to adapt and make provisions not just for their groceries, and medical prescriptions but they also had to make room for medical devices.

Going for a routine check-up during the pandemic wave was inviting trouble, this meant pressure and sugar patients were better off getting their pressure and sugar levels checked at home.

Here are some medical devices that are a must have in every home as a first step in medical emergencies

Thermometers (preferably contactless)

This doesn’t need an explanation. In the wake of the pandemic, one of the first signs of infection is fever. Making sure there is a thermometer in the house, preferably contactless goes a long way in ensuring timely diagnosis and treatment.


Getting one’s pulse oxygen levels checked was something that was seen only in ERs or hospital stays. But the world quickly understood that knowing one’s oxygen levels is critical to timely intervention especially in case the oxygen levels drop too low. Oximeters are small, compact and not too expensive to buy, but this machine can bring some peace of mind when one is sick.

Blood Pressure monitor

This was critical even before the pandemic. Anyone who has pressure issues needs to keep the BP monitor at home. Knowing when the pressure is too high or too low can offset the serious complications that arise from blood pressure being very low or critically high.


If one is diabetic, this is considered a must. But actually nowadays a lot of people are borderline diabetic, their readings tend to fall in the pre-diabetic stage, so it is better to keep a glucometer at home and periodically check blood glucose levels and take timely action to prevent diabetes.


Both are not the same. A Vaporiser provides steam which can help release congestion in the throat and provide relief for blocked noses, whereas a nebulizer will send oxygen directly to the lungs and is a better option when the lungs are congested and struggling to get enough oxygen. It’s recommended that every home has a vaporizer and a nebulizer would be considered a must if a family member has the tendency to get severe chest congestions, wheezing and cough.

Keeping this devices handy at home can decrease the stress levels of the caregivers of the family particularly in a world where infectious diseases are on the rise.



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