5 Raj kids die in grain tank playing hide & seek

Five children below 8-years, including four siblings, lost their lives in Bikaner district apparently in a freak accident while playing hide and seek when all of them hid inside an iron grain tank.

The lid of the tank apparently collapsed behind them leaving the children cut off of oxygen supply and they died of suffocation, confirmed police officials on Monday.

The incident was reported on Sunday afternoon in Bikaner district’s Himmatsar village.

All deceased were below 8 years of age. As the mother came searching for her four kids after finding them nowhere in the house, she was shocked to see their bodies in a grain tank along with that of a fifth.

They were identified as Raveena, 7, Radha, 5, Tinku, 8, all three sisters along with their brother Severam, 4. The fifth kid was Megharam who was their neighbour’s kid.

They entered the grain tank which was made of iron and was five feet deep and three feet wide. The lid was quite heavy so the children could not open it.

None of the family members were at home when the incident was reported.

A Forensic team reached the spot and further investigations were underway, police said.