5 Veterans, 57 Himalayan passes, 31 days

New Delhi, Dec 3 (IANSlife) A team of five veterans representing the Army, the Navy and the Air Force successfully created a unique world record, to spread the message of responsible drinking and generate awareness against the perils of drunken driving.

Supported by Jack Daniel’s The High Pass Challenge guided by Adhiraaj Singh – a born adventure man, was a unique journey aimed to scale high mountain passes in India’s Northern states and also pay tribute to the Border Roads Organization (BRO) for their immense work on India’s border roads and infrastructure and saluting the Indian Armed Forces present there.

The never-before attempted challenge to drive across 57 high passes in 31 days concludes successfully with the message of ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ partnering started on 10th Sept from National War Memorial and ended on 10th Oct 2022. This was an attempt to achieve something that was unthinkable – to challenge the limits of man and machine against the mighty Himalayas.

The Team included Adhiraaj Singh – Team Leader, Capt Alok Chandola – ex Army, has been ADC to two past Presidents of India, Col Ravi Rajan – ex Army. Has done silk route in Central Asia, Capt Arun Jyoti – ex Submariner and Group Captain Rameshwar Singh Tahlan – Ex IAF, former fighter pilot

“The High Pass Challenge was an attempt to achieve something that was unthinkable. We are grateful to Jack Daniel’s for their support of our venture and their global campaign ‘Make in Count’ fit perfectly with what we set out to achieve. Also, we wanted to use this platform to spread the message that alcohol and driving should never be mixed,” stated Adhiraaj.

“Initially we were a two-person team – Group Captain Rameshwar Singh Tahlan and I. But as we started the research and planning, we realized that two vehicles were a must and that’s how our team expanded to a quintet. We kept our plans under wraps until the end, to avoid the plans getting leaked and someone going for it before us. But we are grateful to our sponsor Jack Daniel’s India for their support,” says Adhiraaj.

During the challenge, which took place while driving on some of the world’s most treacherous terrains, the team behind the adventure etched their name in the record books having driven across the maximum number of passes in the least number of days.

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