500 Canada geese lured into Parksville tennis court; killed

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The Canada goose (Branta canadensis) is primarily herbivorous and migratory.

Some 500 Canadian geese were killed in Parksville on Sunday as part of the City’s goose management strategy.

Jordan Reichert of the Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada was disgusted at the news.  “This is not a cull, it’s a massacre. Across B.C. we continue to witness animals being killed in large numbers.  These mass killings are not the solution.”

The geese were lured into tennis courts where they were reportedly killed humanely.  However, there was no reported public oversight to determine how the killing was done and whether the animals suffered.

Reichert adds “We want a commitment from Parksville Council that this will not happen again.  There are effective, humane, cost effective non-lethal alternatives and we ask Council to implement those instead.”

“We’ve worked on this issue for decades” says Liz White, leader of the Party.  “Our goose habitat modification manual identifies alternative measures to culling.  We will supply Council with the manual and urge Council to develop an alternative strategy.  No more geese need to die because they are seen as an inconvenience and therefore disposable.”

Extremely successful at living in human-altered areas, Canada geese have proven able to establish breeding colonies in urban and cultivated areas, which provide food and few natural predators, and are well known as a common park species. Their success has led to them often being considered a pest species because of their depredation of crops and issues with their noise, droppings and sometimes, aggressive territorial behavio. Canada geese are also among the most commonly hunted waterfowl in North America.

Parksville is a city on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. The city is on Highway 19A, 37 kilometres north-west of Nanaimo, 48 kilometres east of Port Alberni and 7 kilometres south-east of Qualicum Beach, between Englishman River and French Creek. At the 2011 census, Parksville’s population is 11,977 and it is the 15th-largest municipality on Vancouver Island in terms of population.

Parksville is best known for its large sandy beaches at Parksville Bay and Craig Bay. The city’s best-known annual event, since 1982, is a sandcastle-building competition in the summer, dubbed “Parksville Beachfest”. Beachfest is a World Championship Sand Sculpting official qualification event. – CNW/CINEWS

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