5,190 new cases, 54 deaths in J&K as Covid crisis runs amuck


With 5,190 new cases and 54 deaths on Sunday, the Covid crisis in J&K appeared to peak much earlier than predicted by the experts.

The new cases included 1,770 from the Jammu division and 3,420 from the Kashmir division division while 2,423 patients were discharged from hospitals after recovery.

Of the deaths, 32 were in the Jammu division and 22 in the Kashmir division as the total number of people killed by coronavirus in J&K rose to 2,726.

So far, 216,932 people have been infected with coronavirus out of which 164,958 have recovered.

The number of active cases has risen to 49,248 out of which 17,262 are from the Jammu division and 31,986 from the Kashmir division.