6 persons detected with Black Fungus in Patna

While corona wreaks havoc in Bihar, cases of Black Fungus have also been detected in Patna.

On Thursday, six patients infected with black fungus were detected in a private hospital and government hospitals in Patna. They were Covid survivors. The doctors of a private hospital conducted surgery of one of the patients to save his life.

The doctor claims that if he would delay by 24 hours, he would not survived.

Black Fungus or Mucormycosis is a fungal disease, appearing in corona survivor due to side effects of steroids. During the phase of pandemic, many patients are excessively using steroid like Dexona to came out of corona infection.

Besides private hospital, two patient of Black Fungus detected in AIIMS Patna and IGIMS on Wednesday as well.

The condition of all six patients are stable and under close observation of doctors.

According to a doctor in Patna, AIIMS, persons having low immunity could become victim of black fungus. Swelling and pain in eyes, dryness in nose, low eyesight are some of the common symptoms of Mucormycosis.

He further suggested that such corona survivor should avoid high humidity, dusty areas, air conditioning system etc.