679 recovered Covid-19 patients donate plasma in Gurugram

The Covid-19 recovery rate in Gurugram has reached 77.18 per cent and 679 people out of 1,27,181 recovered patients have donated plasma in the district. Nearly 1,292 units of plasma from these people have been received by the Rotary Blood Bank here.

According to health officials, nearly 1,234 people in Gurugram have come forward to donate plasma to save the lives of other Covid-19 patients after having recovered from the virus. Of these, 679 recovered patients were found to be fit for plasma donation.

Gurugram Deputy Commissioner Yash Garg said people are more aware about plasma donation now than before and they are coming forward to donate their plasma more than once.

He said that 679 people in the district were found healthy enough to donate their plasma. From these 679 persons, nearly 1,292 units of plasma have been received. This plasma has been given by the blood bank for the treatment of coronavirus patients.

“Earlier people had various types of misconceptions regarding plasma donation but now people are clearing their doubts about it and coming forward to donate plasma after recovering from Covid-19 infection,” Garg added.

Giving information about plasma donation, medical and nodal official Mahima, from the Rotary Club, said it is mandatory for a person between 18 and 60 years to donate plasma.

“Plasma can be donated after 14 days following recovery from the infection. Only those women can donate plasma who have never become a mother or had an abortion. Any man can donate plasma but if he is a diabetic, his blood sugar should be controlled and not dependent on insulin. To donate plasma, one must weigh more than 55 kg,” Mahima said.