6th international Tipitaka ceremony held in Delhi


The 6th International Tipitaka Ceremony, organised by the International Buddhist Confederation, in association with the LBDFI and Asoka Mission, was held here on Tuesday followed by a dialogue of Buddhist pilgrimage, and chanting.

“This represents a historical milestone in our project of reviving the Buddhadharma at the Seat of Enlightenment. Next year we begin the recitation of the Vinaya Pitaka. We hope in our lifetime that we may complete the entire recitation of the Pali canon, preserving the roots of the Buddhadharma where the Buddha walked and taught,” said the International Buddhist Confederation.

Talking to IANS, Wangmo Dixey, Executive Director, Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International, said that 21 monks from neighbouring countries assembled here to recite the sutras of Buddhist teaching and attend a seminar on how to revive the sacred places of Buddha in India and their pilgrimage.

“We are here to discuss and share ideas on how to revive the sacred places associated with Buddha after a gap of two years. We are on a Dharma Yatra starting from New Delhi to eight sacred sights of India,” said Dixey, who is also the Executive Director of Dharma College in California.

On the revival of centuries-old Nalanda University, International Buddhist Confederation Secretary General, Dr Dhammapiya, said that this University had not provided education only on Buddhism but subjects ranging from agriculture, to medicines, to sciences, to astrology, to astronomy, and spiritualism.

“Everything was taught in that university,” he said, adding that that they were discussing in the assembly the way to restore the glory of Nalanda again.



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