7,170 Tunisian migrants illegally reach Italian coasts in 7 months

A total of 7,170 Tunisian migrants managed to reach the Italian coasts illegally in the first seven months of 2022, a local media report.

“Tunisian migrants represent the largest number among all registered nationalities who arrived in Italy illegally,” Xinhua news agency quoted the report as saying.

The number of migrants attempting to reach Italy from Tunisian coasts usually increases in summer because of good weather conditions.

Tunisia is an important country of origin and transit for migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe.

Over 813,000 Tunisians are estimated to live abroad, with 77 per cent in Europe.

Tunisians are currently the most represented nationality among migrants who arrive to Italy from the Central Mediterranean migration route, making up about 24 per cent of the arrivals since January 2021.




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