72 legal consultants of Delhi Police get extension

In a bid to make their cases legally strong, the Delhi Police have given extension to 72 legal consultants which were appointed by IPS Bhisham Singh last year.

All these 72 legal consultants are basically advocates who are working with the legal cell of the Delhi Police.

They have been given extension till December 31, 2023.

Last year IPS Bhisham Singh along with a forensic team took their interviews apart.

Now they are working under the guidance of DCP Legal Cell, Hareesh HP.

DCP Legal Cell, Hareesh confirmed to IANS that extension was given to all 72 legal consultants.

A source said that these legal consultants have proved a milestone in making their cases legally strong. Initially they were appointed for testing but when results came the entire police department was surprised as they played a crucial role to remove the legal errors from the police’s file.

“We give them Rs 2,000 for formal legal opinion. In case of charge sheet they are paid Rs 10,000 for their legal opinion,” the source told IANS.

The recent sensational case of Kanjhawala where a 20-year-old woman died a painful death, will also be checked by them for legal advice apart from other experts.

They make the Delhi Police cases watertight and hence in coming days police can increase their numbers.

(Atul Krishan can be contacted at atul.k@ians.in)




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