A new poll conducted by Maru/Blue Public Opinion Research North America suggests that a whopping 72 percent of Ontario parents think despite preparations to get schools ready for reopening, the province will see another coronavirus outbreak  forcing school closures all over again.

Most schools in Ontario were closed by the province in March as COVID-19 took hold across the country. This forced students to learn from home using a variety of online systems.

“Such a sentiment suggests that while politicians and others have been focused on getting children back into the school setting, plans on how to exit those schools because of an outbreak is also top of mind among parents,” the polling firm said.

The poll also indicated a majority of Ontario parents — at around 70 per cent — wanted class sizes capped at 20 students or less so that their children can attend school.

Parents of elementary school students felt particularly strong about this, at around 72 per cent. Around 69 per cent secondary-school student parents thought this way as well.

The polling firm noted that the class size issue is a “make or break” situation for the parents polled.

How this fear will affect students remains to be seen. 


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