75 trek routes to be developed in J&K


A total of 75 trek routes are being developed in J&K, the UT’s Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Dr Mohit Gera, who is on four day tour to Kashmir, said on Friday.

He said the Forest Department, in pursuance to government directions, is developing 75 trekking routes both in Jammu and in Kashmir, of which many are already in operation like Badrikali to Galganzara, Bhadrakali to Sanzipora, Rajpur-Pathri-Trimukhan-Kairvan Diver in north Kashmir and Mansar to Mahoregarh, DKG to Ratanpeer, and DKG to Noori Chamb in Jammu region.

“Trekking in Jammu and Kashmir provides a closer sneak peek into the culture of mountain dwellers as one enjoys the rugged mountains, lush green meadows, diverse forests and breathtaking scenic views dotted with wetlands,” Gera said.

He said it is expected that this initiative of the government will create significant employment opportunities, especially for local youth, besides leading to well-being of forests, wildlife and overall biodiversity of Jammu and Kashmir.

Meanwhile, the department has released a booklet on trek routes giving details of all the 75 trek routes across Jammu and Kashmir.



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