78% Covid-19 cases reported late: Punjab minister

Owing to surge in Covid-19 cases and higher case fertility ratio (CFR), Punjab Health Minister Balbir Sidhu on Monday instructed all civil surgeons to motivate the severe patients for early treatment at government facilities.

Expressing concern over the symptomatic people failing to report at healthcare facilities, he said as per the death review by the state health department, 77.90 per cent cases came for treatment with severe symptoms at a late stage, a major cause of higher CFR.

He said it was the responsibility of all residents that if anyone feels symptoms of Covid-19, he or she should not delay seeking treatment. Sharing the details of positive cases and mortality in urban and rural populations, the minister said 71.40 per cent cases have been confirmed from the urban population, while only 28.60 per cent cases from the rural population from January to February.

While the deaths in urban areas were 45.50 per cent, it was 54.50 per cent in rural areas.

He said it was also a matter of concern that more than 80 per cent of deaths were elders. He said 31.70 per cent of deaths were reported in patients aged between 61-70 years, 31.50 per cent above 70 years and 20.30 per cent from 51 to 60 years.