Friday, June 21, 2024

8th edition of Brahmaputra Valley Film Festival to be held in Guwahati

The 8th edition of the Brahmaputra Valley Film Festival (BVFF) is set to be held from December 14-17 in Guwahati, officials said.

The founder of the film festival, Tanushree Hazarika told IANS, “BVFF is a celebration of stories that ignite hearts and inspire minds. We aim to be a catalyst, fostering meaningful cinema, connecting diverse talents, and promoting the vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes of Northeast India.

“We envision a future where Northeast India becomes a thriving hub for filmmaking, contributing effectively to the global cinematic tapestry with its unique stories and perspectives,” she added.

The film festival has its collaboration with Amazon Prime Video, allowing filmmakers to present their pitches directly to the leading OTT platform.

According to the organizers, the collaboration will provide unprecedented opportunity and has the potential to redefine the landscape for independent filmmakers, empowering them and elevating the standards of filmmaking while opening doors within the industry.

This year, BVFF received a total of 200 plus film submissions, with approximately 120 originating from the Northeast and the rest from all over India.

Pallavi Chumki Barua, Programming Director, BVFF, emphasized, “BVFF is not just a film festival; it’s a cinematic odyssey offering an immersive movie-watching experience, engaging interactions with filmmaking personalities, dedicated masterclasses, workshops, and a celebration of the passion for cinema.”



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