9 Thai Tablighi Jamaatis discharged by Court


A Lucknow court has discharged nine foreigners belonging to the Tablighi Jamaat from the cases lodged against them during the Covid outbreak in the country.

The nine had been booked for allegedly committing various offences and breaching provisions of the Foreigners Act and Epidemic Act last year.

Chief Judicial Magistrate Sushil Kumari, while discharging the nine, however, stipulated that their bail bonds and personal bonds would be discharged only after the appropriate action by the Central government.

In the order, the judge said that there was no prima-facie evidence against them to make them face trial.

The court passed the order on the discharge application moved by the accused foreigners.

She also clarified that the accused foreigners would be entitled to their passports and mobile phones only after the conclusion of proceedings pending before the Central government.

The discharged foreigners have been identified as Mohammad Madali, Hasan Pancho, Sithipanglimsiripat, Suraskalamulsak, Arsen Thomya, Romlikole, Abdullah Maming, Abdul Basir Idorothai and Apdunbahav Vimuteekaan.

All the accused, who belong to Thailand, had earlier been granted bail.