Chandigarh, April 21 (IANS) She is close to turn into a centenarian but the coronavirus pandemic makes her a ‘warrior’. She is stitching face masks for the people on the streets to battle it out.

She is 98-year-old Gurdev Kaur from Moga town in Punjab.

“We are making face masks and distributing among the passersby free of cost, wizened Gurdev Kaur said in a video shared by Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Twitter on Tuesday.

Her bleak vision is not letting her down, she said her daughter-in-laws, grandchildren and her entire family are involved in sewing masks for a cause.

“We all love to do a charity and do it as much as possible,” she said, while appealing to the people to follow lockdown norms and help one another.

“Take precaution to prevent oneself from this disease. They (government functionaries) also advise us to prevent yourself as much as possible by staying at home,” she said, who daily wants to work daily from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“I have no vision in one eye and the second eye had cataract surgery 25 years ago but the vision in that eye is very good,” she said.

Appreciating her gesture, the Chief Minister said in a tweet: “The strongest corona warrior of Punjab is 98-year-old Gurdev Kaur from Moga who with her family is stitching masks for Punjab.

“Such selfless dedication of Punjabis is proof of how strong we are and that we will overcome any challenge which comes our way.”

All over Punjab, people are making handmade face masks to help shield doctors, nurses and many others from the coronavirus.




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