A Bollywood film that deals with incest

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Mumbai, Sep 11 (IANS) Bollywood film titled “I am Roshni” is set to put the spotlight on brother-sister affection. Its producer says the film deals with incest, but it is not a sleazy one.

“I am Roshni”, produced by Crescendo Music and Films, will tell the story of a supportive brother who takes care of his sister who has faced hardships.

“Though ‘I Am Roshni’ is a film that deals with incest, it is far from being a sleazy film,” Suresh Thomas, head of Crescendo Music and Films, said in a statement.

“In fact, the film carries a strong social message, highlighting bad parental upbringing. It is crafted in an emotionally sensitive manner that will make viewers deeply empathise with the two innocent protagonists,” he added.

The film will star debutants Ankita Parihar and Yash Rajpara.



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