‘A lot happened since the world’s town square became one man’s megaphone’

Twitter ceased to be a listed public company and became the personal property of the worlds smartest and richest man on October 27, 2022.

A lot has happened in the 45-odd days since the world’s town square became one man’s megaphone. Blue, grey and yellow ticks have come and gone, more than 10,000 suspended accounts have been restored, Trump is back (though he has refused to tweet) and Ye came and was promptly asked to leave.

All these are the result of one man’s self-appointed goal to save free speech and the world — even though he tried to backtrack and then admittedly overpaid by an eye watering 3x.

The latest in this save the world and save free speech saga is suspension of accounts of several prominent journalists belonging to noteworthy names like CNN, NYT and others.

Koo (not sure why) is also an unwitting casualty of one man’s mission and its eminence account was suspended for circumventing Twitter’s policy for evading bans. Mastodon has also faced a similar fate for a vague crime which did not exist till day before yesterday.

Aside from the outrage, this debacle brings sharp focus on a very important point especially for journalists and creative folks. If you are someone who speak their mind and engages with others in discussion & debate — a suspension essentially means that you lose access to years of creativity, ideas, connections and insights (all because of a new rule that came in yesterday and something no one understands). There is just a blank screen to show for all the intellectual hard work of several years.

How does one handle this intellectual assassination?

Koo has devised a simple and elegant solution to escape this blackhole. Just migrate to Koo!

Within the settings, a simple and elegant button allows you to migrate all your Tweets to Koo. Just click on the migrate button, follow the simple on screen instructions and all your tweets are ported to your Koo account seamlessly. You can also look up your friends and followers on Koo and start engaging with them.

It is unimaginable that in this day and age one man has the ability to wipe out your digital existence and remove all traces of your creativity. History and creativity cannot be held hostage at a $44b, billionaires’ toy. Koo provides everyone with an equal opportunity of express themselves in a language of choice and preserve their thoughts and opinions for all times to come.

So go ahead, escape Twitter and engage in a platform that truly sets you free.

(Aprameya Radhakrishna is the founder of Koo. The views expressed are personal)




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