A love like that: 90-yr-old man lives with wife’s urn for 32 years


As the world celebrates Valentine’s Day, a 90-year-old man’s undying love for his wife even after 32 years of her death, in Bihar’s Seemanchal district, is winning hearts.

Bhola Nath Alok, who has been living with his wife’s ashes urn for 32 years, has requested his family members to cremate her ashes urn along with his mortal remains when he dies.

For now, he has hung the urn from a mango tree inside his house premises in Purnea’s Sipahi Tola locality.

Ram Naresh Bhakt, a litterateur of Purnea, who wrote a book on Bhola Nath Alok, said that he is the symbol of true love which is rarely seen these days.

“Alok’s wife Padma Rani died 32 years ago. He preserved her urn and hung it from a mango tree in her honour. He used to offer rose and prayers every day to remember her.

“He deeply loved his wife when she was alive and didn’t wish to be left alone even after her death. Thirty two years is a long time but he remembers her everyday, respects her and offers her prayer and flowers, showing his true love for her.

“He has even expressed his wish to put her ashes urn on his chest during his cremation after death. Such respect for spouses is rarely seen these days. I cannot remember any such example in the past several years,” Bhakt said.



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