A trip through the Capital’s historic restaurants

New Delhi, May 6 (IANSlife) India is well-known for its diverse cuisine, which has earned it a place in the global culinary calendar. From its spice to the style of preparation, Indian cuisine has a special place in the heart of food afficiandos.

Consider yourself lucky if you were born in India, especially if you’re living in Delhi, the city known for its historic eateries that are still thriving and still trending.

Monish Gujral owner of Moti Mahal said, “keeping up with the times and ensuring that our legacy is known to the next generation I’ve witnessed the generational shift in technology. Today’s televisions range from black and white to colour and LED. Our establishment is historic, but the generation we serve now is millennials, and they know how to stay current. It was difficult to adjust to the new technology, but I had to adapt in order to stay informed. Keeping in touch with today’s times while maintaining our ethnicity is the key to keeping our restaurant afloat and thriving”.

Gujral continued, “Consistency and staying up to date on new technology are essential for staying relevant. There are so many food outlets that one must stay informed and keep their product at the top of its game. Because of our consistent taste and goodwill, we have customers ranging in age from three to seniors in their 90s.

Today, Instagram is full of glossy pictures of products, and when you go to a place to eat if your taste buds aren’t as pleased as your eyes were when you saw the outpost’s Social media post, the outlet or restaurant receives negative social media publicity. We have kept customers coming back to Moti Mahal because of our consistency in taste. Our butter chicken and daal taste exactly like they did when Moti Mahal first opened its doors”.

Here’s a list of historic restaurant addresses to visit if you want to reimagine India with its traditional flavours:


A visit to Delhi is incomplete without a meal at Karim’s. The restaurant situated in Old Delhi tops the list of recommendations, and is well worth a visit! Its Mughlai cuisine that has left an indelible mark on every Delhiite’s heart. A meal here will cost you Rs 700/- for two people and it is located in the heart of Chandni Chowk.

Moti Mahal

This restaurant is famous for introducing tandoori and Peshawar cuisine to the country. Kundan Lal Gujral, Thakur Dass, and Kundan Lal Jaggi founded Mohit Mahal in 1947. The founders are said to have worked at a small eatery called Moti Mahal, owned by a man named Mokha Singh in Peshawar, British India, from the 1920s to 1947. The restaurant charges Rs 1,100 for two people.

Mysore Cafe

If you like curry leaves and coconut, Mysore Cafe is the place to go. The restaurant is well-known for its breakfast, and the average cost for two people is around Rs 200. Must-order items include filtered coffee, Vada Rice, Kesari Bath, and Masala Dosa.


Kwality, founded in the 1940s serves the best north Indian and Mughlai cuisine. The restaurant has a sophisticated and peaceful atmosphere located in the heart of Delhi’s Connaught Place. For two people, the restaurant charges Rs 2,500/-

United Coffee House

If you’re a crazy coffee drinker who can’t begin the day without a nice brewed coffee, United Coffee House, should be your go-to. Founded in 1942 it is an all-time favourite. Cona coffee is one of their most well-known beverages, in addition to it, they serve the best Lamb Kebab Platter, Badshahi Kofta, Chicken Ala Keiv, Lahori Meat, and Kala Jaam. To top it off, the atmosphere and vintage decor are all part of the experience.


How about a coffee date at Delhi’s oldest bakery, which started as a catering service in 1924 and added confectionery in 1926! The bakery is known for its pretty decor and cozy vibe, features popular bites like Peri Peri Veg Panini, Mocha Smoothie, Veg Bbq Burger, Crunchy Chocolate, Blueberry Blast, and Continental Breakfast. For two people, it will cost approx Rs 500.

Parikrama- The revolving restaurant

As Delhi’s only revolving restaurant, Parikrama is known for providing a panoramic view of Connaught Place. The restaurant specialises in Indian and Chinese cuisine. For two people, the average cost is $2,600. (approx.) Absent of alcohol

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