A Valentine’s Day inspired mood board for your wedding celebrations

New Delhi, Feb 14 (IANSlife) After a year full of cancellations and postponements, here we are in 2021 hoping to kickstart celebrations once again, especially the big fat Indian wedding. For those who plan on getting married in the month of love or on Valentine’s Day, it is indeed romantic.

IANSlife spoke to WeddingWire India to put together a Valentine’s Day inspired mood board, drawing elements from Valentine’s week for the wedding of your dreams.

Rose Day

What’s a wedding without roses, right? Valentine’s week commences on February 7 with the ever-romantic Rose Day, and with intimate weddings taking place at home, decor has taken an eco-friendly with a creative twist. Decor vendors are showcasing their skills by creating unique installations and using bright florals. A variety of bright and beautiful roses in different colours is the best decor idea for an intimate wedding. One can get all creative with a mandap that truly represents a garden of roses, and not to forget, the most distinguished and beautiful floral jaimalas. Taking inspiration from rose day, couples can also experiment with F&B and include a rose kulfi, rose sherbet, rose infused cocktails, rose wine, etc.

Propose Day

As with everything else, social media has contributed to proposals becoming grander and more impressive than ever. Today couples go out of their way to ensure their proposals are ‘different’ and truly romantic; every detail captured for the sake of posterity and social media. Taking inspiration from Propose Day, couples can plan a small intimate event with a close knit circle of friends and family recreating their proposal and all its elements on their wedding day. This could mean setting up the venue in the exact same manner as the location of their proposal, recreate the food and drinks, have pictures from the proposal as a part of the decor. These small yet engaging activities could make the day all the more special.

Chocolate Day

We can safely say, chocolates are loved by everyone! And a chocolate-day inspired wedding could be a dream. How about decking up the venue with chocolate decor items, a chocolate inspired food and beverage menu, have a huge chocolate cake and give away personalised chocolates to guests as return favours.

Teddy Day

Every relationship has a sweet little gesture to keep it strong, and cutesy! Teddy day is one such day that couples celebrate to remind each other that they are loved. This sweet and simple act of love can also inspire a whole wedding theme. Imagine a wedding with a bazillion cute stuffed bears. From the stage to the bar decor, cute teddy shaped canapes or huge life size Teddy bear’s jumping and dancing with you. A reception like this would make such amazing pictures as well!

Kiss Day

The first kiss is always special and almost unforgettable. If you happened to kiss your beloved for the first time on Kiss Day and you remember every detail like it was yesterday, that is your que to include your Kiss Day memory in your wedding album as well. Recreate the backdrop or pose the same way you kissed him/her the first time and let the photographer capture the magic so you can cherish and frame it or even hang it on a wall in your home.

Valentine’s Day

Undeniably, Valentine’s Day is one of the most loved and celebrated days of the year for the romantics at heart. Couples from every corner of the world plan this day to completely immerse themselves in a pool of love and radiate positive vibes everywhere. However much of a cliche it might sound to some, getting married on Valentine’s Day, is a wedding date to remember. Cheesy but awfully romantic, saying I do on the day of love is memorable and gives everyone the fuzzy feeling that love should bring!

So, would you or someone you know be inspired by these romantic days and plan a themed wedding that totally stands out?

(Puja Gupta can be contacted puja.g@ians.in)