The public could potentially heave a collective sigh of relief as Peel investigators have concluded that just a small group of people are responsible for most of the gun violence recently seen in Peel Region and across the GTA.

Anyone following the news lately would know that gang-related violence has exploded in recent months in Brampton and Mississauga. So much so that last month, the provincial government announced $20.5 million in funding for Peel police to help tackle the problem.

Peel police chief Nishan Duraiappah recently addressed Brampton council where he pointed out that close to 90 officers were assigned exclusively to the rash of homicides.

Duraiappah pointed to the November 2019 fatal shooting of 23-year Sheridan College student Jason Ramkishun on Highway 410 as an example, which investigators believe was a case of mistaken identity.

Police made an arrest in the case at the end of January, but Duraiappah said that one case was connected to three other shootings including another on Highway 410 a week later near Steeles Avenue in Brampton.

“The one mistaken identity was responsible for three other shootings, two more on a 400-series and one in the region. It’s a small group of three or four individuals responsible for a significant impact on (that case),” said the chief.

Duraiappah believes that bail reform would go a long way in helping bring down the crime statistics.

“That was one thing that we wanted to focus on,” the chief said.” (These) are important issues that we would like attention drawn to because we can’t control what happens in the court process.”

Mayors in the region are also on the side of the police when it comes to bail reform.

The police chief said that despite all the violence we’ve heard so much about, Brampton and Mississauga are still generally safe places to live.

With stop and frisk and carding unacceptable in the current political and social climate, lenient sentences for criminals means there is simply little incentive for the criminally-minded to respect the law and desist from crime and gun violence. -CINEWS


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