Aadesh Shrivastava’s son Avitesh to star in father’s biopic

On the occasion of Father’s Day, producers Deepak Mukut of Soham Rockstar Entertainment and Mansi Bagla of Mini Films have announced a biopic on late musician maestro Aadesh Shrivatava’s love story. Aadesh’s son Avitesh Shrivastava will be seen playing his father in the upcoming movie.

The biopic will entail the musician’s journey from his younger days to be played by his son Avitesh.

Avitesh shared: “I owe the start of this new journey of my career to Mansi. She’s like my Godmother. I see my dad in her. When we first met, we instantly started bonding, the spark was just right there.”

He said that music connected him to his father.

“I cannot wait to see how we work together in my dad’s biopic. I have utmost trust and faith in Mansi’s vision for this special project,” he stated.

Talking about Avitesh, Mansi said: “I am certain, Avitesh will be the next star. He has so much filled up inside him, like a volcano just ready to burst! He needed nurturing and the belief to hone his talents, I am glad I found this star and the world will see it soon too.”

Deepak Mukut added: “Aadesh Ji left at the age of 51 and at the peak of his career. It’s time for Avitesh to take his legacy ahead.”

Aadesh sang a number of hit songs such as ‘Sona Sona’, ‘Shava Shava’, ‘Gustakhiyaan’ and ‘Gur Nalon Ishq Mitha’ among many others.

It was in 2015, when Aadesh passed away after it was reported that his cancer had relapsed for the third time since 2010. He died, in a coma, a day after his 51st birthday.




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