Aanchal Goswami fascinated by Kolkata’s yellow taxis


Actress Aanchal Goswami, who is currently shooting in the city for her latest television soap ‘Rishton Ka Manjha’, says she loved eating Kolkata biryani and is fascinated to see the yellow taxis on the streets!

Sharing her experience of shooting in Kolkata, Aanchal told IANS: “I was told Kolkata’s biryani is very famous. So after coming here I made sure to taste the biryani and really liked it. I haven’t yet got much time to explore the city because of the lockdown also. However, I had the opportunity to visit certain places like the Howrah Bridge during the shoot.”

“Also, till now I’ve only seen yellow taxis on TV. It was quite fascinating for me to see the yellow taxis in front of my eyes! I’m loving this city and enjoying working over here,” the actress added with a tone of excitement.

Aanchal features as the lead actress in ‘Rishton Ka Manjha’. Throwing light on her character in the show, the actress shared: “I am playing a character called Diya Mukherjee. She is from a middle class family. Diya loves to play badminton. She is full of positivity and has a never-say-die attitude, doesn’t want to give up easily. She loves her family so much that she can do anything for them.”

However, ‘Diya Mukherjee’ for Aanchal is just like a mirror image of herself with a different name.

Aanchal shared: “When I was offered this character, I felt so happy because it is so similar to me! I am also a very positive person and don’t easily give up in life. It was not at all difficult for me to play this character because of the similarities we share. As if this is me only just the name is different!”

As her screen character Diya is a badminton player, Aanchal is having to brush up her skills for the show.

“I have played badminton in school but not at a professional level. But since my character Diya is a badminton player, so trainers are there to teach me the skills of the game like how to do smash, how to serve etc. Thanks to this show, my badminton skills are also improving,” the actress informed.

‘Rishton Ka Manjha’ marks Aanchal Goswami’s appearance for the first time in a lead role.

Quizzed if that makes her a little nervous, the actress replied: “I don’t have the time to feel nervous. I have worked in supporting characters before and always wanted to play a lead role. But now that I have got this character, I have to prove myself and deliver my best performance.”

Also starring Krushal Ahuja in the lead, ‘Rishton Ka Manjha’ airs on Zee TV.