AAP announces Rs 50K for families with Covid death, other measures (Ld)


With the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic affecting scores of people in the national capital, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday announced four measures taken by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government to support the Covid-hit families, including Rs 50,000 ex gratia to each family in Delhi that has lost a member to Covid-19.

“Many people have died because of Covid-19. Their families have our sympathy. While we cannot eradicate their loss, we can try and support these families in such difficult times. All those families where there have been deaths due to Covid will be given an ex gratia amount of Rs 50,000,” Kejriwal said.

In another measure, the AAP government has decided to provide Rs 2,500 per month to those families whose sole breadwinner fell prey to Covid-19.

“There are many families where the main earning members have died due to Covid. Delhi government will provide Rs 2,500 per month to each such family,” Kejriwal said during a press conference on Tuesday.

“Families affected by Covid-19 are facing problems with respect to hospital admission. Treatment at the government hospitals is free of cost, but that’s not the case in private hospitals. People have lost their loved ones, and sometimes even the sole earning member. I know many children who have lost both their parents,” Kejriwal said.

In another decision, the AAP government has announced that the children whose parents have succumbed to the virus will be given Rs 2,500 per month, while Delhi government will bear all expenses for their education.

The Chief Minister also said that due to the lockdown imposed to curb Covid spread in the city, many people have lost their livelihoods and are running short of food supplies.

Announcing the fourth decision, Kejriwal said that Delhi government will provide free ration to all the poor families which are struggling during the Covid-induced lockdown.

The Delhi government will provide 5 kg ration every month to those who have a ration card (4 kg wheat and 1 kg rice).

“This is given against a meager sum of money. This month, it will be given for free. An additional 5 kg ration under the scheme launched by the Central Government is being provided free of cost. So every ration cardholder will get 10 kg ration free of cost for this month,” Kejriwal said.

Later in an official statement issued to the press, Kejriwal said, “You must be thinking about how the Delhi government will get such a huge amount of money for fulfilling and implementing these announcements. In the past six years, in every governmental work we do, we have saved money by avoiding unnecessary expenditure.

“My ministers, officials and I have come up with different ways to save and withdraw expenses, and drawn up these four crucial policies. I can understand that you are in trouble. In these difficult times, please know that I am with you. It is my duty to help you whenever you are in trouble.”