AAP govt in Punjab unable to tackle challenges: Rahul

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said that even as the farmers of Punjab fed the country through the Green Revolution, they are now plunged into debt and uncertainty due to spiralling costs, no guaranteed prices, falling water levels and fertility, and failing insurance schemes.

Rahul Gandhi, in an open letter addressing the people, alleged that the AAP government in Punjab seems unable to tackle the challenges.

The Bharat Jodo Yatra which is being led by the former Congress president completed its eighth day in Punjab on Thursday.

“People are repeatedly forced to take to the streets to protest. Rather than listening to the people of Punjab, the government is listening to their leader in Delhi. The AAP government would do well to learn history’s lesson — Punjab cannot be governed by remote control.

“The people of Punjab are also struggling with challenges. Fighting against the three black farm laws, many farmers even gave their lives. However, the crisis continues, and fewer and fewer youth aspire to be farmers,” he said.

The former Congress president said due to the policies of the BJP government in Delhi, the aspiring youths have hardly any opportunity.

“Openings in the Army and the public sector are falling, and policies like Agniveer will weaken the Army and deprive youth of job security. Demonetisation and a badly designed GST, have brought the small and medium businesses of Punjab’s vibrant industrial cities to the brink. They are struggling to stay open. Facing unemployment, many of Punjab’s youth look for opportunities abroad, and many others tragically take to drugs,” he said.

Rahul said “the Bharat Jodo Yatra’s message is of love and equality — the message which Guru Nanak Dev has taught the world”.

“We want the hard work of every person to be respected and supported. I saw this same vision in the eyes of the people of Punjab, and the determination to fight to achieve it. The Yatra is entering its final stretch, but I will not rest until each Punjabi, and each Indian, gets the results of their tapasya,” he added




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