Saturday, June 22, 2024

AAP kick-starts ‘Mai Bhi Kejriwal’ campaign to seek opinion in case of CM’s arrest

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Friday kick-started its ‘Main Bhi Kejriwal’ signature campaign in the national capital to seek people’s opinion on should Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal resign or run the government from jail in case he is arrested.

The signature campaign was launched by Delhi minister Gopal Rai, who conducted a door-to-door campaign in the Laxmi Nagar area in East Delhi.

Rai said that the BJP is plotting the arrest of Kejriwal out of fear of losing in the Lok Sabha elections.

“We conducted a door-to-door campaign and asked people in case Kejriwal is arrested, should he resign or run the government from jail. The people have firmly said that Kejriwal has done a lot of work for the public, and therefore he should not resign but run the government from jail,” Rai said.

“If such a situation arises, Kejriwal should not resign,” Rai said.

He also said that from December 1 to 20, the party will conduct door-to-door campaign in all the 2,600 polling stations, and from December 21 to 24, AAP will hold public meetings in all the 250 wards.



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