AAP misleading people, has no faith in Constitution: Delhi BJP

Delhi BJP’s working president Virendra Sachdeva on Thursday reacted sharply to Aam Aadmi Party’s move to approach the Supreme Court over the repeated adjournments of mayoral polls for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

In its suit, the AAP has demanded time-bound urgent mayoral, besides seeking prohibition on voting by aldermen as per the law.

“Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party have always been misleading the public. They have no faith in the Constitution. Whenever they want to divert people’s attention from their mistakes, they knock the door of the court. And when the court’s decision doesn’t go in their favour, they refuse to accept the same,” Sachdeva said.

Sachdeva also said that it was the Aam Aadmi Party that ran away from the MCD House, adding that when Kejriwal has the majority, what is the problem in electing the Mayor.

The BJP leader said now that AAP has moved the court, it will have to come clean as to who created ruckus in the House, who threw the mike, or who climbed on to the chair of the presiding officer.

There are photographs and videos which show AAP councillors deliberately obstructing the mayoral election, Sachdeva claimed.




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