AAP promises 24×7 water supply soon in Delhi

: On the occasion of completing one year of its third term, the AAP government announced on Tuesday that it will provide 24×7 water supply soon as it aims to clean River Yamuna in next three years.

Health minister Satyendar Jain said that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has given clear instructions to complete the clean Yamuna project as soon as possible and claimed that the work will be completed by next three years.

“With that, we will provide 24×7 water supply,” he claimed.

Jain said that akin to delivering the promise of free electricity, the government will also provide free water round the clock. “Nobody believed us when we promised to provide 24×7 electricity. But today, the Delhi government is providing 24×7 electricity to the people of Delhi. Now, we will deliver round the clock water supply as well,” he stressed.

“We are working day and night for this. He (Kejriwal) has asked us to complete this project within 5 years, out of which 1 year has already been exhausted. But now we will clean it up before 5 years i.e. 3 years from now. Many people who have been running the government for a long time think that it is impossible but we will make it happen. After a year we will show you the status of the clean Yamuna project. We will clean the Yamuna river and set an example to the world,” Jain added.

Meanwhile, Jain also said that the Delhi government is pushing robustly to implement electric vehicle policy in the national capital. We are setting up 100 charging stations where 500 charging points will be made. These charging points will facilitate a person to charge its vehicle in case it gets discharged,” he said.

“We are at war against pollution. From the time our government has formed, Delhi’s pollution has gone down extensively except November and December as during these months stubble burning takes place around Delhi that pollutes the air,”Jain added.

Kejriwal led AAP government has completed one year of its third term in Delhi. Kejriwal is heading the government as a third term as the chief minister.