AAP, TMC like Siberian birds, will migrate after Goa polls: Fadnavis


Likening political parties like the Aam Aadmi Party and the Trinamool Congress to migratory Siberian birds, former Maharashtra Chief Minister and BJP’s Goa election in-charge Devendra Fadnavis on Monday said that such parties will ‘migrate’ back to their home bases after the 2022 polls.

“There are many parties coming to Goa and making their case, but these parties are like Siberian birds. Siberian birds migrate from Siberia to India, they come to Mumbai, Goa and after a spell of time, they travel back to Siberia,” Fadnavis said, while addressing a party meeting in Mandrem assembly constituency in North Goa.

“Such Siberian birds have come from Delhi and from Kolkata. After elections, these Siberian birds will travel back to Delhi and Kolkata where they originated from. A BJP government will be formed in Goa. People trust Chief Minister (Pramod Sawant) and Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” he also said.

Both AAP and the West Bengal-based TMC are contesting the 2022 state assembly polls in Goa.

Fadnavis also said that the Congress has become one of the most confused parties in the country, adding that it had shrunk to such an extent that it resembles the small car ‘Nano’ which was launched by Tatas.

“The state of the Congress is such that the party cannot find a president. Sonia tells Rahul ji, you become president. Rahul says I do not want to be president. Those who want to be president, no one is willing to appoint them. Those who are ready, no one is asking them to take up the mantle. Nobody knows who is what, in the Congress party. No one knows who takes decisions. It is the most confused political party across India,” he said.

“It is sinking. Congress is becoming a ‘nano’ party. It was a pan India party earlier and now it is shrinking to the size of the Nano car which was introduced by Tatas. Only four persons can sit in that car and only those few people manage to get elected on a Congress (ticket),” Fadnavis also said.


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