AAP, Trinamool using Goa for political experiments: Fadnavis

Former Maharashtra Chief Minister and BJP’s Goa desk in-charge for the 2022 polls, Devendra Fadnavis, on Friday slammed the Aam Aadmi Party and the Trinamool Congress for trying to hoodwink Goan voters with false promises, accusing them of using the coastal state as a theatre for political experiments.

“You have seen the situation in Goa. Several political parties are coming to the state. They are making Goa a place for experiment. People are experimenting here with their respective parties. But Goans are clever. They understand who is going to be with them and who is going to exit after the polls,” Fadnavis said at a function in Panaji organised for the induction of now former Independent MLA Rohan Khaunte into the saffron party.

“These political parties are from other places like Delhi and Kolkata. They are here only for the elections, to do politics and split people. After they lose in the elections, they will head back and won’t show their faces for five years,” Fadnavis said, adding that such parties do not have any specific programme or policy for Goa.

Fadnavis also came down to specifics, targeting AAP for making false claims of development in Delhi.

“AAP is just trailer. There is no movie. We know that a trailer of any movie is a hit, but after we watch the movie, we get to know the truth. What is there in the trailer is not there in the movie at all,” Fadnavis said.

“Delhi is a half state, they (AAP) do not have control of police, road building. They have no responsibility barring water supply, education and health. The Central government pumps in crores of rupees there and on the basis of that, they are promising subsidies in Goa. They believe they can buy people in Goa and run their politics,” he said.

The Trinamool, Fadnavis said, had no call to make tall promises in Goa, claiming that the administration of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is in shambles.

“I want to ask Mamata didi, if her administration is so good, why is Bengal the way it is? Why is there not a single investment? Why does Bengal have the highest unemployment rate among the bigger states? Why does Bengal have the most number of crimes? Why does Bengal have most riots? Why does Bengal have the most number of atrocities,” he asked.

“There is no democracy in Bengal. Bodies of opposition party leaders are found hanging if they raise their voice. This is the level of dictatorship in Bengal and they are preaching us about democracy here,” Fadnavis added.




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