AAP wins 27 seats in the Gujarat civic polls

Securing 27 seats in the Gujarat Municipal elections on Tuesday, AAP national head and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said the people of Gujarat have voted for politics of work as they were fed up with the politics of BJP and Congress.

“The people of Gujarat wanted an alternative and AAP has emerged as the key alternative to the present parties. Now the upcoming assembly election will be only between the AAP and the BJP,” he added.

Senior AAP leader and a national spokesperson Saurav Bharadwaj told IANS that AAP has won 27 seats in Surat and is in second place with 17 seats. AAP is also in the second position in Rajkot with 13 seats and with 16 seats in Ahmedabad.

Bharadwaj said, “AAP is getting support in grassroots level elections across the country. Earlier, AAP won elections in Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Goa and other states. We fought our first elections in Gujarat and scored significantly.”

In the recently concluded Gram Panchayat elections in Maharashtra, the party won 145 out of 300 seats. In the panchayat elections of Himachal Pradesh it fielded 40 candidates and won in 36 seats. AAP has won one seat of District Development Council (DDC) member in Jammu and Kashmir.

Sisodia, who has been aggressively campaigning in Gujarat in view of upcoming Assembly elections, said, “People in all the cities of Gujarat are expressing trust in AAP. They are now seeking change and looking AAP as a key alternative in Gujarat. We will raise public issues on the streets as well as in the house. The people of Surat have done a great job. The people of Gujarat are upset with BJP, they do not trust the Congress,” added Sisodia.