Aaron Eckhart signed up for action thriller ‘The Bricklayer’

Hollywood star Aaron Eckhart, best known for his stint as Harvey Dent in Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’, is set to star in the action thriller ‘The Bricklayer’.

The film will be directed by Renny Harlin of (‘Die Hard 2’; ‘Cliffhanger’) with screenplay by Hannah Weg (‘Septembers of Shiraz’) and Matt Johnson (‘Into the Blue’), reports ‘Deadline’.

The story will follow the life of a retired CIA operative, who is called on duty after an international conspiracy rattles the intelligence agency, which is blamed for the murders of international journalists.

According to ‘Deadline’, Millennium Media will produce the film, shooting for which will start in March with Gerard Butler. Both Millennium and Butler had earlier teamed up with Eckhart on the lucrative ‘Has Fallen’ franchise. The film is set to be shot at Millennium’s new Nu Boyana studios in Greece and Bulgaria.

Commenting on the development Renny Harlin told ‘Deadline’, “‘The Bricklayer’ screenplay has the rare combination of well-layered characters, intricate plotting and propulsive action. Having spent five years in China, I’m excited to be back making a high-calibre Hollywood action thriller.”

“If there’s something I learned from my three Chinese movies, it is the importance of deeply felt emotion. In Aaron Eckhart I have found a first-class dramatic actor who also has the physicality and charm to bring this iconic character to life,” Harlin concluded.




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