Aarti calls Shalin a ‘compulsive liar’, says Nimrit can win ‘Bigg Boss 16’

TV actress Aarti Singh recently appeared on the reality show “Bigg Buzz” and made some interesting revelations about contestants Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta, while pegging Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia as the eventual winner.

Aarti is known for her shows such as “Thoda Hai Bas Thode ki Zarurat Hai”, “Waaris”, and “Parichay”, and also for her appearance in “Bigg Boss 13”.

About Shalin, Aarti revealed: “I have known Shalin since 2006, we did a show together. Shalin might come across as fake because of his overacting personality, he is the same outside the house as he’s in the show, but in real life also, he acts while talking. He’s living in a serial, it’s his personality.”

She also added: “Shalin is a compulsive liar, you won’t know when he’s being genuine and when he’s being dishonest. He can completely make you believe in his lies. I think it’s his inborn talent to play around with people.”

About her friendship with Tina, she said: “Tina is my really good friend. I think Tina is very confused right now in the show. I don’t think she’s fake or pretending anything, the house is only like that, it makes you feel lonely and anxious.”

“Tina somewhere feels for Shalin but after getting scolded by Salman sir, she flipped and started pretending to have no feelings for Shalin. I think she’s scared that people outside will judge her. She’s very image conscious.”

About who she thinks will be the winner this year, Arti said: “Nimrit and Priyanka are my top two. Priyanka sticks to her word, although she isn’t my favourite contestant. She’s very straightforward and that itself is a truly winning quality. But Nimrit is my winner.”

She added: “Nimrit and Tina had a good bond in the start, I liked their friendship and it felt genuine. Though Tina is my friend, I connect more with Nimrit because she spoke about her complexity on the show and faced her depression and anxiety on national television which is extremely brave of her to do that.”

Hosted by Krushna Abhishek, “Bigg Buzz” streams on Voot.




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