Aashay Mishra: Glad to play a father-to-be on screen


Television actor Aashay Mishra, who essays the role of Sarangdhar Pandey in the show “Story 9 Months Ki”, loves how his character has turned out to be.

In a twist of fate, Sarangdhar becomes the donor for Alia. Set to become a dad soon, he has taken complete responsibility of Alia.

“The way Sarangdhar has stepped in the situation and is ensuring Alia that he will be by her side is definitely nice of him. I am proud that my character is taking the responsibility of being the baby’s father and is doing his bit despite the unusual circumstances that he has been put in,” says the actor.

He adds that playing a father on screen is inspiring. “It’s a blessing to watch a life grow and to see your child take his first step or hear his first word. It’s a special and an indescribable feeling. I am glad I got a chance to play such a role. It means everything to be a father, so I feel Sarangdhar will prove himself to Alia and the baby will bring a new ray of hope into their lives and will be lucky to cherish the love of both a mother and father,” Aashay notes.

“Story 9 Months Ki” airs on Sony Entertainment Television.