‘Aashiqana 2’ actor Inderjeet Modi is up for intimate scenes if story demands it

Actor Inderjeet Modi, unlike many, considers himself comfortable doing bold scenes and said that it is part of his job and demand of the script.

He said: “In general, when a script comes, if the story and the character are meaty and give me a challenge to perform, then I say yes to it. Yes, if there is any exposure quotient, and if the story demands it then I am open to doing it.”

“I can’t say no to a strong project just because it demands a close proximity scene from me. And enacting such scenes is part of an actor’s life.”

Inderjeet has done projects like ‘Aashiqana 2’, ‘Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’, and ‘Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein’. He was also seen in the movie ‘Ardh’.

The actor added that if doing bold scenes is the demand of the script, then he never says ‘no’ to it.

“I do believe that I am an actor and if the script demands, I have to do that particular scene. And there’s nothing about being comfortable or uncomfortable, because that’s part of the job and nowadays these scenes are even acceptable in the market,” he added.

He further added: “I don’t have any barriers to saying no to a particular scene just because it is a bold one. Rather than taking it in a negative way, I consider intimate scenes as just a part of the script and nothing more.”




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