Mumbai, May 13 (IANS) “Bhabiji Ghar Pe Hai” actors Aasif Sheikh and Saumya Tandon are utilising the lockdown time to do what they love — poetry. They have come together for a series of videos that will feature them reciting the works of renowned poets.

The first one in the series is Bashir Badr’s poem “Zara faaslon se mila karo”.

“Saumya and I are poetry lovers and had been planning to do something related to poetry for over a year now. But due to our work schedule, we couldn’t find time. But this lockdown gave us this opportunity to make our long-standing dream a reality. We both are quite excited about it as it has come out well,” said Aasif.

“I have always admired Bashir Badr sahab’s style of poetry and how he pens down his observation of the world and its people through couplets and verses. He visited our home during the Eid festivity, and we all were so mesmerised with his delightful rendition of his poetry. The verses ‘Yun hi besabab na phira karo’, in a way, aptly expresses the current scenario and hence we decided on reciting it,” he added.

Saumya, on the other hand, writes poetry herself.

“I have been reciting Hindi, English and Urdu poems on my social media pages. Poetry is a soul soother, it’s the song of the soul which expresses life, people’s struggle and emotions through the medium of words,” she said.

“We chose this as our first poem to recite as it aptly depicts everyone’s sentiments at this challenging moment, even though it was written more than four decades ago by the famous poet, Dr. Bashir Badr, it still stands so relevant,” she added.

Aasif and Saumaya’s rendition of “Zara faaslon se mila karo” goes live on May 13.




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