Abhay Deol: “Fame as a beast can overpower you”


Abhay Deol finds himself in the headlines every now and then for his rumoured love life and various speculations about his professional equations with people from the film industry. But Abhay Deol is notorious for never agreeing or denying anything that is written about him.

The actor says that this was a conscious choice from his end because he wanted to retain his privacy.

As reported by HT, speaking about why he rarely offers sound bites and never ever comments on rumours about him, the Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ actor said, “All my career, I haven’t really invested in PR, or tried to create an image. I make films, and then I come to market those films. In the beginning, I wouldn’t even market the films because I felt the makers should be at the centre of attention, not an actor.”

He went on to add, “People get that attention (on personal life) when they invest in themselves, and invest in PR. I made sure that I didn’t invest in the limelight, and kept surfacing for work”.

The 46-year-old actor shares that being a star comes with price of sacrificing one’s personal family, a price Abhay is clear he is not willing to pay. He adds, “You need to invest in marketing outside of the movies. I chose not to do that. As time went on, people spoke more about the films and the directors I worked with, and I was able to keep myself underground”.

He acknowledges that keeping his life out of the public eye requires a degree of manipulation and the actor is willing to do so. He said, “Fame as a beast can overpower you, and take away everything and suddenly you don’t have a personal life anymore. Because you have mixed it into your professional life”.

The ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye’ actor spoke further and said, “Whereas I made a conscious effort, letting people believe what they want to believe. As long as I have my privacy, they can say whatever they want. I am not even defending myself, like recently, someone came out and lied about me and I just stayed quiet because today’s hot news is tomorrow’s old news”.

Abhay Deol, is in fact, quite proud of the fact that he managed to retain the attention for nearly 17 years of his movie career.

He was asked if the delay in release of his OTT movie, ‘Jungle Cry’ bothered him, as the movie was completed in 2019 itself. The story of the movie is based on the true story of underprivileged children from Orissa making their way to the Rugby World Cup tournament in U.K.

Speaking about the movie, Abhay said, “It was a unique and memorable experience of bringing this true story alive, and working with everyone… Everyone knows the difficulty of making a movie. So, you can just imagine the relief when it finally releases… I’m running in my 17 years now in the industry, so I don’t get frustrated when there are delays, not because I’m done with it and moved on. But because I come from an experience that has taught me to be patient.”


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