Sunday, June 16, 2024

Abhishek Banerjee-starrer ‘Stolen’ heads to International Film Festival of Kerala

The upcoming film ‘Stolen’, which stars Abhishek Banerjee in the lead, after making waves at the Venice Film festival 2023, is now heading to 28th edition of the International Film Festival of Kerala. The film will be showcased in the ‘Festival Kaleidoscope’ section at the festival.

The International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) is organised and hosted by Kerala State Chalachitra Academy on behalf of the Department of Cultural Affairs Kerala. This year, the film festival is scheduled to be held from December 8 to December 15. ‘Stolen’ will premiered at the festival on December 9, December 11 and December 13.

The film narrates the tale of a five-month-old baby who has been abducted from her mother. The incident is witnessed by two city-bred brothers. Their strained relationship becomes even more complex as they involve themselves in the investigation, attempting to help the distressed mother.

Producer Gaurav Dhingra said: “After the glorious and heartwarming reception for ‘Stolen’ globally and in Mumbai, I’m eagerly looking forward to presenting our film in God’s own country at the International Film Festival of Kerala. We look forward to observing the response from the attending Malayam audience & it will be critical for us to assess the reach and impact of the film at pan Indian stage.”

‘Stolen’ is directed by Karan Tejpal and produced by Gaurav Dhingra of Jungle Book Studio.



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