Abhishek Chauhan: My view on corporate work culture changed post ‘Cubicles’


As the new season of the much-awaited web series ‘Cubicles’ is releasing soon, the protagonist of the show, actor Abhishek Chauhan says how after doing the show, his perspective between ‘mine’ and ‘ours’ changed.

The story of the show is set in an office and it takes the audience to the inside world of corporate culture where how every employee finds their own dream world in the cubicles, where they are working day in and day out. Their world is also laced with competition, conflicts and much more.

Talking about how the experience of the show changed him, Abhishek told IANS: “I would say that my perspective towards the corporate work culture has changed post ‘Cubicles’. As the audience gets introduced to the world of cubicles through my character Piyush Prajapati, it is quite interesting to know the insight of it. Even though filmmaking is also big teamwork, there is an interesting shift that happens between what is ‘mine’ and what is ‘ours’ in corporate organisations, when it comes to brands or of the company that you are working for. Piyush was so very excited to work in cubicles when he just got the job. But with time, how the journey of the character changes is what the new season is about.”

He added, “It is like when you want to climb the mountain, you prepare so much and go through the process to reach the top. But then what you do is another journey. For instance, Piyush says at one point that ‘this is my client’ and then he gets the reminder from the team leader that no, you work for the company and it is the client of the company, not yours. The same happens with us actors when we say, this is my show or my film. But is it really that? It is our film, I am just the actor of it…finding that rationality in the thoughts is important to get the balance right.”

The show is a TVF original and the first season of the show was released on the official YouTube channel of TVF. The show also features Nidhi Bisht, Niketan Sharma, Ayushi Gupta along with Abhishek.

‘Cubicles: Season 2’ is all set to release on SonyLIV on January 7.



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