Abhishek Rawat on playing an ideal husband in upcoming show ‘Kaamnaa’

TV actor Abhishek Rawat dons the role of an ideal husband in the upcoming drama titled ‘Kaamnaa’. His on-screen character is named ‘Manav’, a quintessential, loving and sincere family man who believes in living an honest life based on his principles.

Talking about his character ‘Manav’, Abhishek said: “Manav is a simple and content middle class guy who loves his family. He is a man of principles and stands by it. ‘Manav’s grounded character and beliefs mirror every common man’s thinking. “

‘Kaamnaa’ moves around a middle-class couple, ‘Manav’ and ‘Akanksha’ with different ideologies.

Abhishek briefed about the show: ‘Kaamnaa’ as a show brings alive a refreshing concept with ‘Manav’ and ‘Akanksha’s journey that is rooted in the reality of the Indian households, making it relatable. Hope the audience enjoy watching the show as I am really excited for this journey.”

‘Kaamnaa’ will be airing soon on Sony Entertainment Television.