Accura Scan aims to aid banks, telcos with realtime ID forgery detection

Accura Scan, a business-to-business (B2B) solution provider, is aiming to support the banking, financial and telecom sectors with its recently launched ‘ID Forgery for Real-Time Document Verification’.

The company also plans to enter in a full-fledged manner into the US and Europe with its ID verification solution for mitigating online ID fraud.

Yasin Patel, CEO, Accura Scan said: “We expect to target Banks, FI’s, Telecom sectors with Realtime ID Forgery Detection. Accura also plans to enter into the US and EU market in full scale with such robust ID Verification Solution for mitigating online ID fraud.”

Accura also expects to grow 10x with its full KYC solution.

“With rolling our KYC Product three years back we had a demand from our customers to have an ID forgery detection in place where document authentication becomes easy and can be verified remotely in real time,” he said, adding that now the company has enquiries from over 120 countries and is hoping to sign deals with most of these enquiries into long time partnerships.