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Across Canada face masks become part of the new normal


Everyone may as well have their own stock of masks and at least carry a mask everywhere you go because going forward you could be denied entry into a business establishment if you don’t have a mask.
When travellers board Air Canada flights, they will have more than their tickets checked.
The Montreal-based airline will soon require all guests to have their temperature read, helping Air Canada detect potential travellers with COVID-19 symptoms.
Similar requirements have been implemented on a voluntary basis for two weeks at T&T Supermarket locations and starting Monday, shoppers at Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Inc. have no choice but to wear face masks upon entering the stores.
The policies are part of a handful of increased protective measures companies are launching as provinces across Canada slowly start to reopen.
The measures are expected to change how we shop, work, travel and play.
Many businesses have or are moving toward taking temperatures because it reinforces and reminds people that if they have a temperature, a cough or a runny nose, they should stay home.
The checks aren’t fail proof because some who contract the virus are asymptomatic at first or never develop any signs of COVID-19, said Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief medical officer of health.
Masks have similarly been a source of controversy for public health officials who deemed them unnecessary when the pandemic began but now millions of Canadians are donning masks whether required or not while in public or in at work.
Seeing people around in masks can have the effect of soothing peoples’ frayed nerves. There is after all so much fear about COVID-19 and everyone wants to just make sure they are as safe as humanly possible.

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