Actor Chris Noth’s ‘Equalizer’ character killed off screen


For fans of the show, this news is a spoiler, although anyone watching the show ‘Equalizer’ would be aware that actor Chris Noth who was a regular on the show was fired from it a while ago.

His dismissal came in the wake of a story that was reported in ‘The Hollywood Reporter (THR)’, which detailed the sexual assault charges on Noth by two women.

Since the story broke out, Chris Noth only appeared in one episode of the show, that too, because the production for that episode had already been completed when the story broke out.

Chris Noth has since been fired from the show and his character on the show was also missing for the last several weeks.

Now it seems the makers have decided to come up with a narrative that would explain his absence as well as complete the character arc, as the role Chris Noth was portraying, William Bishop needs a satisfying closure.

William Bishop, Chris Noth’s character on the show was mentor to Robyn McCall, played by Queen Latifah, on the show.

In the Sunday night episode, aired yesterday, April 10, Bishop’s absence was addressed. The makers show that Robyn McCall learns that her mentor Bishop (Noth) has been away for a few months as he was working on an investigation.

Later, it is revealed that William Bishop is killed in a plane crash, which was planned by Mason Quinn (Chris Vance) who plays McCall’s nemesis on the show.

The story about Chris Noth’s sexual assault was first reported in December 2021. According to reports, Noth reportedly sexually assaulted a woman in 2004. Another woman too claimed that Chris Noth sexually assaulted her in 2015. Once the story was published, other women also came forward accusing the actor of the same.

Chris Noth has steadily denied all allegations. But, since the story broke, he was dropped from the client roster of A3 Artists Agency, he was fired from ‘Equalizer’ where he was a series regular and his cameo from HBO Max’s ‘And Just Like That’ (sequel to ‘Sex and the City’) was also cut.

He also starred along with ‘Deadpool’ star Ryan Reynolds in a Peloton Ad, which also has, reportedly, been pulled down.


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