Actor Govinda reveals that film fraternity turned against him

Govinda was one of the top stars of Bollywood in the 90s. He delivered several box office hits and the songs and dance moves from his movies always ended up being chartbusters.

However, in 2000s the star slipped down from his place at the top with many stories of his “unprofessionalism” making the rounds and eventually from making multiple movies a year, Govinda was reduced to one movie here and there every few years.

Recently, in a chat with Maniesh Paul, Govinda opened up about what happened a few years ago and how he lost his way.

The ‘Hero No. 1’ actor told Maniesh that when a person is successful many people try and pull him down. According to Govinda, he was at his peak for around 14-15 years during the 90s. At that time no one made any noise or had any problems with him.

Govinda went on to say that in the Hindi film industry, with time, people and their equations with each other keep changing. He also added that at one point, he knew that people close to him had started turning against him but he shared that he couldn’t do anything to fix it.

In an earlier conversation with TOI, Govinda had been candid about Bollywood conspiring against him. At that time, he said, “Yes, of course there was a conspiracy against me. As they say, apne bhi paraye ho jaate hain (Those you consider your own also become strangers). If fate is not on your side, then your own people also turn against you.”

Govinda has many noted and blockbuster movies to his credit like, ‘Aankhen’, ‘Ilzaam’, ‘Hero No 1’, Raja Babu’, ‘Partner’, ‘Haseena Maan Jaayegi’, ‘Bade Miyan Chote Miyan’ and many others.



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