Actor Naseeruddin Shah has Onomatomania – Here’s what it means 


Recently in a YouTube Channel interview called Chalchirtra Talks, Naseeruddin Shah revealed that he suffers from a condition called Onomatomania.

The actor said that because of this he is unable to be at rest and his mind is constantly thinking of repetitive phrases or words. He also said that in this condition, when the mind is on a repetitive loop it doesn’t have the ability to stop it leading to restlessness. He said that even in sleep he finds his mind replaying the meaning or the phrase repeatedly.

In Onomatomania, one will find themselves constantly repeating a word or a phrase for no reason other than the fact that they like hearing how it sounds.

Simplest example is when we feel like a song is stuck in our head and we can’t stop singing it repeatedly.

According to psychologists, you cannot call this a disease, some people are simply more inclined to have this condition. It is said to rarely impact everyday life. It is generally believed that those involved in arts, singers and writers are more inclined to be Onomatomanic.

Since it cannot be classified as a disease and in most cases even a serious condition, there is no specific medication. In the rare case where Onomatomania interferes with the quality, productivity or functioning of a person’s daily life then doctors can try CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to treat it.

There is no cure for it, so any therapy will only be a means to control and manage it. If a person has very severe Onomatomania, which is considered very unlikely, then in such cases, psychiatrists might additionally prescribe depression or anxiety medication.

Onomatomania is often an associated condition among people who suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).


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