Actor Shweta Tripathi would love to do comedy after so many serious films

Shweta Tripathi, has, as an actor carved a niche for herself in the industry. Be it as Golu Gupta in ‘Mirzapur’ or Amara Gujaral from ‘The Gone Game’ or Sikha from ‘Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen’, Shweta has managed to bring something new to her characters.

She seems to instinctively know what to bring to the table to breathe life into her characters and make even the obscure relatable.

Recently, in a frank conversation with ETimes she spoke about her latest web series ‘The Gone Game’, which also stars Sanjay Kapoor, Arjun Mathur, Shriya Pilgaonkar and others.

Speaking about wanting to branch out and do some light hearted roles, Shweta said, “Yes, I would love to do a comedy film immediately as I have done a lot of serious films so far.

When she was asked if audiences in general like movies which are serious and violent, Shweta promptly replied, “I think the story sells, not violence. Because the audience wants to be entertained. So as long as the story is good, it will be appreciated. The biggest examples of films that did well without violence are ‘3 Idiots’. ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ or ‘Lagaan’. None of the films had violence but still, they did wonders at the box office.”

She continued further, “So if you talk about ‘Mirzapur’ and remove all the characters, then people will not come to theatres to just see guns and hear ‘gaalis’. So, the audience is coming to theatres to watch the characters, not to see which guns they are going to handle this time.”

The actor has an interesting and quirky name on her Instagram handle – ‘Battata Wada’ and Shweta feels it’s quite a unique name and does not wish to change it.

She adds, “Batata Wada is something everyone loves and if that batata (Potato) is added to any cuisine, it just enhances the taste of the dish. Potatoes can be enjoyed in any form and taste. Make it sweet, spicy, or sour, they taste best. So as an actor I want to be like that. If added to any project, it should just amplify.”

When speaking about her web series, ‘The Gone Game’, Shweta said, “I am receiving huge appreciation from the film fraternity for ‘The Gone Game 2’ and I am really overwhelmed with the response. I am getting calls from my friends from the industry and family.”

She spoke further about her experience of working on the show and said, “Though the film is intense and dark, we tried to balance the atmosphere on the sets as after working for 12 hours, our brain gets exhausted and as an actor, we are not able to perform. It happened to me once when we were supposed to shoot a very intense scene at the end of the day when all my energy was drained and I had a scene where my character breaks down into tears. But since we were working continuously for hours, I wasn’t able to give that shot, as our brains were already exhausted after a long tiring day. So, we tried keeping the atmosphere on the sets easy going.

Shweta also heaped praises on her co-star Sanjay Kapoor and said, “Sanjay Kapoor is a gem of a person and he always made sure that we all were smiling and laughing on the sets.”



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